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Body scrub, recipe, vanilla, saffron, coconut

Vanilla Saffron Coconut Body Scrub

The vibe of this moisturizing body scrub is straight-up luxury. It will transport you to exotic places with its sweet and grounding scent and leave you silky all over.

Are you intrigued? We swoon! Why not treat yourself or your valentine to something truly unique and unspeakably sexy, in the most sophisticated and subtle way.  Roses and chocolates get enough play (not that we’re knocking them. No heart-shaped chocolate boxes or artfully arranged flowers will be turned away!).

Exotic saffron and sweet vanilla are aphrodisiacs, and combined with moisturizing honey and coconut oil, this body scrub leaves skin soft and deliciously scented. Its subtle notes will astound. It also tastes incredible.

This recipe is moisturizing. For a more balanced formula – great for summer months and for skin impervious to drying winter conditions – substitute some or all of the sugar below with finely ground sea salt. From our Lab to yours, enjoy!

Body scrub, recipe, vanilla, saffron, coconut

Vanilla Saffron Coconut Body Scrub


1/4 cup organic sugar

20 saffron threads

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp honey

12 drops vanilla essential oil*

1/8 tsp pure vanilla bean, scraped from a pod (optional)

*Vanilla essential oil in commonly sold in a carrier oil like jojoba. We have used this kind, not pure vanilla oil, which tends to be quite pricey.


In a small bowl, place the sugar. Using clean, dry hands, break up the saffron threads over top. Place coconut oil and honey in a small pot over low heat and heat until coconut oil is liquid. Pour over top of sugar mixture. Add drops of vanilla essential oil and vanilla bean if using, and stir well.

Store in a sealed glass or ceramic container.

To Use

Use on clean skin that has been softened with warm water (i.e. while showering). Dryness is easier to buff away when the skin is well-hydrated. Massage a lightly onto wet skin, concentrating on any areas that may need special attention. Rinse lightly and lightly pat dry, to allow your skin to soak up all the goodness!


This should not to be used on one’s face. Sugar granules are much too large to get in to pores, and granular substances like sugar simply scratch the surface of the skin, rather than exfoliate effectively. This is not a concern to other areas of the body that are not as sensitive.

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Vanilla, Saffron, Coconut, Body scrub, moisturizing, recipe, Vanilla saffron coconut body scrub
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