Frequently Asked Questions

What is cold pressed juice?

Essentially, it’s the purest form of health compressed into liquid state. With your average conventional juice brand, centrifugal juicers use a metal blade spinning at high speeds against a mesh filter to divide the liquid juice from fruit and vegetable solids. The spinning of the blade brings high heat into contact with the produce and further damages nutrients by way of oxidation, thereby altering the juice chemistry. Whew. Luckily, we are not about that here. Our juice is cold-pressed, which means it is derived from a process that extracts liquid content from the plant produce without harming the live enzymes or damaging nutrients through exposure to heat or oxygen The cold pressed process safeguards the goodness inside.

Why the higher cost?

Well, if we could give them away for free, we would. Our prices reflect the input, taking into consideration a range of factors. Our menu is entirely organic with produce sourced from local farmers wherever possible, in order to ensure sustainable production.

Cold-pressed juicing also requires pounds of plant-based goods in order to extract the required quantity of juice per bottle. In combination with organic prices, the quantity and quality of our product reflects its higher price tag. The amount of produce required for cold-pressing is far more significant than that of conventional juice. Most importantly, we’d never sacrifice our health, or yours, for a price tag.

How long does your product last?

Since our product is raw and we refuse to add any preservatives, the shelf life is much shorter than conventional juice. If not consumed immediately, we recommend refrigeration upon purchase. Our cold-pressed juices and mylks last three days, while our boosters and waters typically last one week. Our boosters’ length for expiry can be attributed to the high concentration of lemon and supplements that naturally preserve longer.

What does anti-oxidizing mean?

Our bodies are highly dependent on oxygen, since it’s required for the millions of functions our bodies’ process day by day, in order for us to survive. Unfortunately, oxygen has a downside, as it has the ability to produce harmful substances in our bodies that can result in cell damage. It is the natural process of oxidation, which can be visually understood in the chemical reaction of rusting metal. Unhealthy habits and exposure to pollution can accelerate and increase the chance of harm. These harmful oxidant substances are called “free radicals”. Left uncontrolled, they can deteriorate cells. Several diseases including arthritis, cataracts, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and even fertility issues can be attributed to free radical cell damage.

Don’t worry, there is a silver lining here. Anti-oxidants can defend the body from heightened risk of free radicals, protecting your cells from damage. Anti-oxidants are the nutrients, which defend against free radicals, enhancing immunity and thereby decreasing risk to disease. Luckily, our juices are rich in antioxidants, which will help support against free radical harm. No need to drink responsibly!

Why should I cleanse?

If you are considering a total cleanse, first congratulate yourself – that’s a major first step. By cleansing, you allow your body the benefits of natural energy, while simultaneously detoxifying your insides at the most fundamental cellular level. Regardless of how health-conscious you may already be, our bodies are constantly exposed to external environmental factors that can disrupt your system. Over time, toxins accumulate in the body that weaken and harm your body and mind. By cleansing, you can eliminate the toxic build-up and achieve optimum health starting from the inside. Once you’ve reached the completion of a cleanse, expect to see positive effects such as increased energy, mental clarity improvement, reduced bloating, a fortified immune system, rejuvenated skin, normalized digestion, reduced inflammation, improvement in metabolic function, restful sleep, reduced cravings, restored alkalinity, and weight loss in toxin release. You’re welcome.

How often is cleansing recommended?

That’s a completely personal choice – however often you feel comfortable with. Often people cleanse once annually or seasonally, while others feel best with a single-day cleanse weekly or monthly. Once you start experimenting with cleanses, it’s easier to gauge the best course of action for you.

Will I lose weight?

Weight loss is definitely not the priority with cleansing. However, it does have the added benefit of weight loss for some individuals, since a direct result of cleansing is the flushing out of the digestive tract. We do believe that for best outcomes, the focus should be on detoxification. There are extreme benefits here, aside from dropping a few pounds.

How many calories do your products have?

Calorie intake should not be the primary focus of cleansing. All of the ingredients are nutrient-rich and full of live enzymes that will support your body’s natural ability to heal – and help you look and feel amazing.

Is it a meal replacement?

Our living liquids are typically used as meal enhancers, but it’s a totally personal choice. Combining a potion with your meal works, but if you’re on the go, our juice gives nutrients immediately – kind of like a foolproof backup plan.

What is HPP’d?

Our products are NEVER HPP’d. What does this mean? HPP is a short-form abbreviation of an industry process known as high-pressure processing, which can extend the shelf life of juice products considerably. It preserves food through the application of pressure. The concern here is that the HPP process may destroy nutrients. Our products are made in small batches using high-quality ingredients and with NO added preservatives or processes to extend the lifetime of our juice products. Our products may have a shorter shelf life without processing via HPP but we stand behind the quality and philosophy by staying true to keeping our product the freshest it can possibly be.

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