Who We Are

At elxr, we believe in going back to our roots to promote longevity and reliance on simple, unadulterated wholesome nutrition for whole body nourishment.

We provide healthy alternatives to conventional food products with cold pressed juices, protein-dense plant-based milks, tonics, booster shots, and cleanse packages that reconnect consumers with the goodness of our Earth in combination with modern technology for maximum nutrition extraction.


Our values are as simple as our health-sustaining potions. We will not sacrifice quality, our integrity, or cut a single corner to concoct a less-effective product. Each deliciously restorative elxr is raw, alive and always unpasteurized, with a refrigerated shelf life of four days.

To minimize the impact we have on the Earth, we practice sustainable sourcing – it’s the least we can do for our life-giving planet. As much as possible, our ingredients come from local farmers, whom we respect and admire, to maximize freshness, reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the nutrients living inside each bottle.

100% recyclable glass bottles are the only containers we use to package our products. This is because we place a high value on what goes inside them and we don’t want to risk contamination from other chemicals.

elxr juice lab, Who we are

Working with Local Farmers

elxr juice lab, Who we are

Glass Bottles Maintain Quality

elxr juice lab, Who we are

Environmentally Responsible

Sustainably Delivered

Sourcing ingredients from local farmers ensures less shipment travel time, maximizing freshness without the deterioration of nutrients in the process. Not only do our customers benefit, but small local farmers are supported in the process.

We use glass bottles to package our product because it best preserves the quality of the ingredients, without the risk of leaching chemicals into the liquid upon exposure to heat. Our bottles are made from 100% recyclable material that will never lose its integrity. Our appreciation for the environment is reflected in our product to the best of our ability. Respect our Earth, respect our body, and do no harm.


əˈliksər/ (noun)

a magical or medicinal potion, a substance believed to cure all ills and maintain life indefinitely

Our Products

elxr juice lab, Who we are


Our 100% organic cold pressed juice products are made from the finest produce, made fresh daily. Delivering health in every bottle.

elxr juice lab, Who we are


A non-traditional, non-dairy “milk” product. Milks are protein dense beverages that are filled with delicious nutrients.

elxr juice lab, Who we are


Refreshingly simple. Made with alkaline water, our tonics help balance your body’s pH levels. Rejuvenate and revive your body and mind.

Elxr juice lab- boosters


Boosters may be small, yet pack quite a punch. Standing in at 2oz, elxr juice shots maintain immunity and can aid in brain function.