ELXR Juice Lab is seeking partners and brand ambassadors to stock their fridges with our delicious, healthy concoctions.

In addition to preferred pricing, partnering with ELXR Juice Lab gives you exclusive access to online ordering, easy account management and a whole laboratory filled with great tools to help promote our Juices, Milks, Waters, Boosters and Cleanse packages.

Here’s looking forward to a “fruitful” partnership.

Friends with Benefits

Branded POS Material

Location Listing

Easy Re-ordering

Wholesale Partnership Benefits

In addition to preferred pricing on our products, partnering with ELXR Juice Lab offers a wealth of benefits – without the squeeze.

    • Branded and Co-branded POS Refrigerators
    • Printed ELXR Menus
    • PK (Product Knowledge) session with management and staff
    • Monthly On premises sampling staffed by ELXR representatives
    • Juice blend collaborations for seasonal / promotional events and menu changes
    • Large format supply for Bar and Restaurant
    • Location listing on the ELXRJuiceLab.com Website
    • Continual mention on social media properties
    • Online ordering with your preferred pricing
    • Secure Live account balance for ease of reordering and account management
    • Guaranteed delivery schedule

Get Started. Call +1 (647) 388-5985 or email info@elxrjuicelab.com