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Ginger Cold Remedy Tea

Nothing makes us feel better when we’re down for the count quite like the way a hot cup of ginger tea does. It’s like a hug in mug-form, except not as friendly to pesky cold and flu germs.

Here’s a germ-busting recipe to have your cold or flu packing up in no time! Lately we’ve had a bit of a thing for hot bevvies, but can you blame us? Just when we thought winter wasn’t going to come this year after all, reality bit…and it’s been brisk!

Defend Yo’self

Remember those powders our parents fizzed up in hot water for us when we were kids that were supposed to make our colds go away, but really just put us to bed in a drugged-out stupor? Consider this your adult equivalent, except it’s free of any yucky additives and it works! This little booster works two-fold: it’ll make you feel better now and it will strengthen your immune system to keep that cold or flu away.

You can certainly down our Defender shot in one go, but we recommend enjoying it as a tea when you’re sick. Why? Well, heat improves the absorption of herbs, decongests and warms the body, plus it’s not like you’re going anywhere quickly when you’re sick, right? For an extra boost, consider using a cold-busting tea like Echinacea Plus from Traditional Medicinals as the base of this cold remedy to give it even greater superpowers. This is the kind of company that colds do not like to keep.

The Lowdown

Oregano oil is a broad spectrum anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal extract and is sure to cure whatever ails, while ginger’s warming properties will take away your chills and boost immunity. Deep Immune by St. Francis is a blend of immune strengthening and stress reducing herbs, while nettles decongest. Stir in some anti-microbial raw honey and boom, that cold doesn’t stand a chance. Feel better soon!

Ginger Cold Remedy Tea

Makes 1 serving


1 ELXR Defender shot

Hot water or tea of your choosing

Raw honey to sweeten, as desired*


  • Pick your favourite mug.
  • Prepare tea, if using, according to the directions on the package.
  • Once steeped, pour in Defender and sweeten with honey to taste, if desired.
  • Sip slowly. Enjoy!

*Note: The healing properties of raw unpasteurized honey are neutralized by boiling, so add it only at the very end to ensure all its healing properties are intact. Manuka honey is the most potent option, but can be pricey. Any raw honey will do!


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