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A new probiotic way to start your day

Probiotic Açai Bowls - Elxr juice lab

Available now at elxr’s Scotia Plaza location, meet our new Probiotic Açai BowlsA fruity bowl of nutrients, minerals, and probiotics that’s perfect for every morning.

The summer weather may be long gone, but the flavours of summer are something we can still hold on to. Introducing: our new açai bowl. A made-to-order fresh breakfast bowl that’s packed with ingredients that make you feel fresh, and transport you to a sunnier place.

As the base for our newest bowl, we think açai berries are the perfect f(ru)it. Açai berries are trending in the nutrition world and for good reason: they have a unique nutritional profile that contains healthy fats and are low in sugar. They are also bursting with anti-oxidants! Açai berries contain up to three times more antioxidants than our other berry friends, blueberries. When we mix in more berries, spinach, and top with our sprouted granola (have you tried it yet?! here’s your chance!), raspberry crumbles and coconut, it’s absolutely perfect! We can’t wait for you to try. Probiotic Açai Bowls - Elxr juice lab


Açai, mango, blueberries, spinach, raspberries, lemon, maple water + probiotics

Topped with elxr’s sprouted granola, raspberry crumbles and coconut.

Some key things to know: 

  • 10 billion probiotics per bowl!
  • Antioxidant-rich!
  • You read right: this bowl contains spinach! Get those protein-rich greens!
  • We love our açai bowls for first thing in the morning, but they make for an amazing snack throughout the day when you need a bright burst of flavour
Make it yours! Customize your bowl with organic almond butter, 10 g of plant-based protein, marine collagen and more!

We hope to a-çai-you-soon!
the elxr team 

Bowls available at Scotia Plaza, only. $9.95 + add-ons as you would like.

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