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elxr Chili Recipe

If you’re suffering from some serious creative fatigue in the kitchen look no further than this delicious VEGAN CHILLI recipe cooked up by our Chef Ricardo. This quick and cozy dish is sure to warm the soul & tummy of whoever needs a little extra love in their life (even if that’s just you). This recipe also doubles as the perfect date-night dinner if you’re looking to treat your significant other, best friend, or roomie this cold season.


Yield 600g

35 gr or 1 oz Onion (red or white)
Garlic 1 clove minced
35 gr Celery
35 gr Carrot
3gr or 1tsp Salt kosher or pink or sea
1tbsp Olive oil
150 gr or 2 pc (roma) Fresh tomato
2 tbsp Tomato paste (optional)
1 gr or 1 tsp Nutritional yeast
1 tsp Cumin
190 gr Chickpeas (drained)
190 drained Beans (any type)
50 gr Sweet potato (optional)
½ cup water
1 pc Guajillo pepper (optional) need to make the paste and then add to the mix
Cilantro fresh just to serve


Olive oil add onion stir 1 minute add garlic … few seconds later add celery and
carrots and bring some color to the mix and then we will add tomato and tomato
paste to deglaze the pot (if you adding Chili paste add now) add cumin.
Add beans and chickpeas and water
Add salt and nutritional yeast rectify season


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