What happens when the elxr team goes on a juice cleanse?

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What happens when the elxr team goes on a juice cleanse?

What happens when the elxr team goes on a juice cleanse?

Our team wanted to beat the winter blues.

Here’s one way we thought could help.

It’s here: winter. The season of hibernation, cheese boards, red wine, blankets, sweaters, fireplaces, and constant sleepiness. With shorter days and longer nights, we’re feeling our yawns coming on earlier than ever (were we this tired last year?) and reaching for foods that might not always make us feel great.

How can we combat this? Exercise, a good night’s sleep, and healthy eating choices that work to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. At elxr, we know one way to do this is with a full body detox: a juice cleanse.

Earlier this month, our entire team joined forces to do a juice cleanse of their choice to combat this cold-weather slump. Read below to learn their first-hand experience with how juice cleanses can help us get back on track, from a healthy eating standpoint or an energy boost. 

The cleanse journey begins   

Most of our team was new to cleansing, so we decided to test the waters (the juices?) by starting with a one-day cleanse (for those who had cleansed before, they cleansed for longer). While advocates for the many juice cleanse benefits, our team felt like many of us where the idea of not eating for a whole day was a bit intimidating.  

But after only one day, our team was already feeling the detox benefits, claiming more energy, less bloating, and an overall positive feeling about the experience.

The quick facts:

  • 67% of our team had not cleansed before
  • 33% chose The Reset cleanse, 67% chose the Deep Dive
  • 67% started with a one-day cleanse
  • 33% cleansed for more than 2 days
  • 100% would have extended their cleanse past day one
  • 100% noticed a boost in their digestion and energy just after day one


The results   

Our team filled out a cleanse diary before, during, and after their cleanse. With their permission (we’d never snoop through someone’s diary!) we’re sharing different feedback we think you’d like to know.

What are you hoping to achieve from the cleanse?

Elxrjuicelab Oakville

“A quick reset to jumpstart myself into healthy eating.”

“Fresh start, liver support.”

“The last few weeks have been really busy and I feel like I have less energy than usual and brain fog. I’m hoping this cleanse will allow my body to flush out some of the toxins it’s storing and be a direct learning experience about juice cleansing.”

“A gentle detox and gut re-set.”

“I would like to feel energized and back to my enthusiastic self. I also would like to start practicing mindfulness about what I put into my body. My body is very sensitive to toxins in food, environment and hygienic products and so I would like to detoxify to feel whole and mentally sharp for my exams.”

“Hope to reduce IBS symptoms, give my digestive system a break/reset.”

You did it! How are you feeling today?

“I feel good!! I feel more energized than I did before my cleanse, happy that I was able to do it and that I enjoyed it and now have this experience. 

“I’m feeling good today!”

“Not super hungry, decent amount of energy, wanting to continue with eating clean.

“Cleansed. It feels like my liver really reset.”

Elxrjuicelab Oakville

Is there a certain benefit you’re experiencing right now?

“My digestive system feels very clear and clean!”

“Better digestion and less bloating.”

“More energized, feeling lighter and less lethargic.”

“Reset on digestion!”

Energy! I was up fairly late studying and then up early to get to class. I am finding it great that I am not reaching for my coffee but instead excited to start day 2 of cleansing!”

“One benefit I’m experiencing is that my digestive system feels less unsettled than usual. Generally, I experience more IBS symptoms in mornings than I have today.”

What’s the most surprising thing about your cleanse?

“How easy it was and not hungry I was!”

“It always surprises me how I don’t feel hungry!

“I didn’t feel a constant hunger all day long- it came and went pretty quickly. I also had more energy than I expected (maybe even more than I typically have).”

“How satisfying sipping on cold-pressed juice is all day and except for being kinda hungry all day I didn’t experience any negative side effects that I was expecting. I drank a lot of water so that probably helped with me not getting headaches as well as the detox process.” 

I was very surprised that I had no cravings. I felt full and satisfied with the juices and actually found I was spreading them out more than was recommended. (ie. I had my lunch juice around 2pm).”

“I’m surprised at how easy it was. I experience more cravings on a normal day to day basis than I did yesterday.” 

Did you find the challenge was more mental or physical? Or both?

Mental. I felt myself wanting to eat something, more specifically chew something. This was especially the case at lunchtime when everyone in the path was walking by with food.”

Elxrjuicelab Oakville

“Just miss crunching food – mental. and physically I felt more cold and needed an extra layer.”

“Mental. I have a tendency to get anxious about things in the future that don’t exist and are always different when they actually happen, so I was really worried that I’d be so hungry and wouldn’t be able to sleep, then would not do well on my chem test. But it was all fine and I actually fell asleep at 10 (way earlier than I usually do).”

“Both. Around dinner I was feeling a bit bored of juice (mental). Late at night I was quite hungry (physical).”

“It was definitely more mental. I found that I am very busy throughout the day anyway, so I didn’t have much energy challenging me throughout the day. It was nice to put all of my focus on my studies.”

“The most challenging part of my cleanse was the mental aspect. I went into it feeling pretty anxious, which made it seem even easier. Physically, it wasn’t hard.”

If you had to give a cleanse first-timer advice, what would it be?

“Don’t forget to drink water between juices!”

Start slow, start with 2 days and work way up to 3-4 days. Cleansing more frequently I’m sure would be more beneficial than one time ever.”

“Totally do it! It seems intimidating to not eat but the benefits are so worth it! The cleanse is very meticulously organized to ensure maximal benefit and to curb your hunger throughout the day. I also would share to drink lots of water or hot tea.”

“It’s best to keep yourself busy when doing a cleanse. It’s a lot easier when you go in knowing that you are doing something great for your body. It’s not a punishment.”

Drink so much water (filtered water if that’s accessible to you), sip on the juices slowly.”

“I would simply say it’s easier than you think. Knowing I could eat some solid plant-based protein also helped alleviate a lot of my nerves.”

Elxrjuicelab Oakville

There you have it. 100% of the cleanse first-timers said the challenge was more mental than physical, and we’re here to help you fight what’s scaring you and help you achieve your detox goals. And while it wasn’t easy, 100% saw benefits the next day and 100% of the team said they would continue with another day! Remember, cleansing isn’t about depriving your body of food, it’s about providing it with an ultimate detox and nourishment.

To learn more, visit us in-store or reach out to cleanse@elxrjuicelab.com. Or get some more reading in here. We’re here to help you step-by-step, and provide your body with a cleansing detox and nutrients that it deserves. Let’s tackle the winter slump with plant-based nourishment that leaves you feeling like your best self.



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