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The elxr Celery Juice Club is Here

Have you heard about the benefits of celery juice? There’s a new wellness craze, and Toronto, we’re here for it.

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It started with just one person. “Hey, do you guys juice celery?” they asked. We have stalks and stalks of celery used for our Third Base and thought, “Of course we can!” Our kitchen and production team is well prepped to juice away, any fruit or vegetable at any given time.

The next week, we had more inquiries. More people asking about celery juice and how they could get their hands on some. At the same time, our team started asking as well and before we knew it, we were all celery juice advocates who were loving our fix of pure greens in the AM.

Now, we want to bring it to you. We’ve developed a Celery Juice Club that allows you to sip on celery juice every morning (no washing, chopping or juicing needed), giving you the opportunity to try out these benefits for yourself. According to the Medical Medium, celery juice benefits include…

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Optimizing digestion
  • Balancing body pH
  • Alkalizing
  • Enzyme-rich
  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Skin clearing
  • Thyroid hormone balancing

And more! Take a read through the article here to learn from the celery juice expert himself.

Meet a Celery Club VIP

Kiki Athanas (@mebykiki) is a wellness educator who was one of the early adopters of the celery juice wellness trend. Today, she swears by it.

Meet a Celery Club VIP - elxrjuicelab Oakville

“I first started drinking celery juice with hopes of healing my acne, and whilst it certainly wasn’t an overnight fix – it did bring me immediate benefits for a range of other symptoms! Beginning my morning with celery juice completely changes how I feel throughout the entire day. Without fail, I experience a boost of energy that is balanced and sustained throughout the day, a reduction in hunger and sugar cravings, and a much easier time digesting my meals. In fact, I no longer need to take digestive enzymes – which used to be an absolute must for me! I’ve never had such amazing results from just one simple addition to my dietary regime – I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Oh, and the acne? No longer an issue! After about 3 weeks of drinking 16oz of celery juice each day, my skin really did start to glow, and while I’ll never claim to be totally clear of a breakout, a pimple is now the exception rather than the norm!” 


Join the elxr Celery Juice Club


16oz of pure, organic cold-pressed celery juice daily, prepared for you with love by elxr juice lab. 

When to sip? 

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Pricing Breakdown 

1-week program: $65 (save $5!)

1-month program: $229 (save $70!)

1-week includes 7 x 16 oz bottles (one-a-day). 1-month includes 30-31 days depending on the month.

How to Order

  • Order in-store at any elxr juice lab location – find it here.
  • Order online here.
  • Send us an email at


Pick-up in-store only at any of our locations. Delivery not available for these babies!

Bonus: When you pick-up your celery juice, receive 10% off any of our products in-store! (One cannot survive on celery juice alone!)

Curious about the craze? Now’s your chance to try. To order, shoot us an email at and we’ll take you through the steps you need.


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