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These are exactly the kind of appetizers that will ‘wow’ your guests as we head in to hosting and holiday season! Let’s be honest, we all are in need of some quick, easy and delicious canapés to accompany those entrées and sides we slave over (plus, it’s simply an added bonus that they look like mini Christmas trees!). Ronny Joseph of Primal Gourmet has created these Eggplant Rolls with Walnut & Pomegranate Stuffing for us to whip-up this season! Read on for his delicious recipe. If you’re looking for delicious meals made healthy, make sure to check out his website and follow him @primal_gourmet!

These Eggplant Rolls with Walnut & Pomegranate Stuffing are common throughout Armenia and Georgia and it’s no wonder why! They’re loaded with flavour, easy to make, can be prepared ahead of time and best served at room temperature! A flavourful mixture of crushed walnuts, garlic, dill, and vegan mayonnaise are spooned overtop of gently fried ribbons of eggplant before being rolled-up and garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds.

Eggplant Rolls w/ Walnut & Pomegranate Stuffing

Note: This recipe yields approx. 18-20 appetizers. Adjust accordingly for a larger or smaller crowd!


1 large eggplant, cut into ¼ inch slices

1 cup walnuts

1/3 cup vegan mayonnaise, of choice

3 cloves garlic

¼ cup fresh dill, plus a few sprigs for garnish

2 tbsp water

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Salt and pepper, to taste

Fresh pomegranate seeds, for garnish


  • Cut eggplant lengthwise into ¼ inch slices and drizzle each side with a generous amount of EVOO. Gently fry in preheated skillet for 5-7 minutes per side or until golden brown and evenly softened throughout. Note: if the eggplant sticks, add a drizzle of oil to the pan.

  • Transfer eggplant to a tray lined with paper towel and let cool.

  • Add walnuts to a food processor and pulse until finely crushed. Transfer walnuts to a mixing bowl and set aside.

  • In the same food processor, blitz together the garlic, dill, vegan mayonnaise, water and a pinch of salt and pepper until evenly combined. Add the mixture to the bowl with walnuts and fold everything together.

  • Spoon a bit of the walnut-mayonnaise mixture overtop of each eggplant ribbon, stud with a few pomegranate arils and roll lengthwise. Slice each roll in half. Arrange on a serving platter cut-side down. Garnish with a sprig of dill and one or two more pomegranate seeds.

Ronny Joseph is the owner and creative mind behind Primal Gourmet. He creates delicious paleo recipes for foodies + styles and shoots all Primal Gourmet photography. Make sure to check out his website and follow him @primal_gourmet!


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