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The spark for this post came from a stunning realization: So many of our favourite detox ingredients featured in our bevvies are in skin care products too, but we have NO idea how they work from the outside-in!

Needless to say, we were curious! As this is clearly not in our wheelhouse we went to Graydon Skincare, a Toronto-based natural skin care company with killer plant-powered products. We’ve tried them all (OMG that charcoal sponge should be on all your wish lists – scroll down for the full deetz!) and brought you back the goods on 3 key ingredients we at ELXR Juice Lab have in our formulas too! For those interested in even more natural skin care tips, check out our past post featuring an edible papaya face mask that’s as tasty as it is skin-revitalizing! What 3 key ingredients do we love for glowing skin?: Turmeric, Parsley + Activated Charcoal.




Turmeric oil comes from the tuber species in India. Besides being known worldwide as a cooking spice, it is used in Ayurvedic skincare as an effective way to reduce inflammation due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It’s also effective in regulating sebum production and reducing skin pigmentation. It is a featured ingredient in Graydon’s Detox + Renew Serum. We use this potent oil for nighttime rejuvenation and find it a treat to wake up to healthy glowing skin with noticeably improved tone.


It’s no secret that we love ourselves some turmeric, but how does it help skin health? Turmeric is one of the best liver cleansers out there, helping our livers transform dangerous toxins in to much less damaging compounds for easy removal. Our skin is our largest detoxification organ, and whatever toxins are floating around in our system that our other elimination organs cannot deal with (hello liver, kidneys + lungs!), express themselves as breakouts and lackluster skin.  Bottom line: support your liver to keep pesky toxins away and keep your skin glowing! Our turmeric-containing products are Beta Rush, Pina Vida and Immune Boost.



Rich in rosmarinic acid, aromatherapists credit the essential oil of parsley seed with having anti-microbial, antiseptic and astringent properties. It is also be known to slow down the spread of broken capillaries and help clear bruises. Parsley oil is featured in Graydon’s (appropriately titled) Green Cream. This cream absorbs completely making for a fabulous day cream, and leaves our skin feeling pillow-soft.


We love this herb because of the verdant flavour it brings to our juices, and equally too for it’s skin-loving properties. Whereas Graydon’s cream contains the oil from the parsley seed, we use the fresh green leaves which contain stress-reducing magnesium and plenty of detoxifying chlorophyll. As with turmeric, anything that we put in to our bodies that improve our ability to detoxify improves – and not just – our skin health. Ever had stress-related breakouts? Yup, us too! Magnesium helps us too keep our cool and sets the stage for better skin health as well, by helping us avoid stress-related munchies that are pro-inflammatory to our delicate skin. You can sip this mild but potent herb in our Second Base and Third Base.

Activated Charcoal


In many ways, we’ve saved the best for last! Activated Charcoal has an extremely large and porous surface area and can absorb 1000s of times its weight making it a super efficient ingredient for absorbing toxins and dirt off your face. This Bamboo Charcoal Sponge contains activated charcoal in a matrix of soft konjac route and can be used on the daily with your cleanser. It’s gentle and feels super luxurious.


We are not saints. We sometimes do bad things that we’d like to be able to be able to wave a magic wand and make them go away. Conveniently for us, activated charcoal is a great secret weapon to have! One of our most famous products, After Party, is our go-to for when we’ve indulged a bit too much, as much like the affects it has on the skin from the outside-in, it helps to absorb toxins throughout our digestive track, making it the perfect pairing for a night out, helping to prevent toxicity (and also hangovers!). Instead of having a drink followed by a glass of water, try double fisting with After Party for a much better morning, and clearer skin too!

Thanks to Graydon Skincare for helping us to understand how some of our favourite detoxification ingredients help our skin glow! Our “research” for this post was a pleasure with your wonderful products.


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