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So it was a wonderfully long summer, and perhaps an indulgent one too (no judgment here!). If you’re like us, maybe you’re feeling like it’s time for a break from pickling yourself and giving your liver a little break.

Not that we’re against cocktails at all – au contraire – but after many a beloved G&T and a generous dose of it’s 5:00-somewheresies, a cocktail with healthy bragging rights sounds just about right in our books!


Enter this virgin Kiwi-Kombucha cocktail featuring our beloved Pina Vida. Kombucha is everywhere these days, and why should it not be all gussied-up in a celebratory clink-worthy cocktail? Whipped up for you by nutritionist extraordinaire Stephanie Fenk (see her bio below!), this is just what you and your livers need this weekend.

Kombucha is chock-full of healthy enzymes, probiotics and beneficial compounds which help to keep our bad bacteria in check, keeping our guts in tip-top shape! It’s naturally carbonated with a barely sweet flavour, perfectly quenching and available by too many brands to list (lucky us!). Simply check out what is available at your fave health food store and be amazed. As kombucha is made from tea, many companies mix up the types of tea they use to brew so you can choose your ‘buch based on how much of a caffeine perk you’re looking for: white tea is lightly caffeinated with green tea coming in second, followed by black tea, which boasts the most caffeine of the bunch.

Stephanie has paired our digestion-supporting Pina Vida with other additions like one of our favourite kombucha brewers, Montreal-based Rise, with muddled mint for a delicious drink that will also leave your belly mighty happy. And if you happen to spike it, well, we’d consider it a complement. Cheers!


Summer Detox: Kiwi Kombucha Cocktail

What You’ll Need

1 x 8 oz bottle of Pina Vida

1 lime

2 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

1 small kiwi, peeled and cut in to chunks

4 large ice cubes + extra ice

Rise Lemongrass Kombucha

Mineral water (if preferred less sweet)

Mint leaves, small handful

Options for garnish: Shredded coconut flakes, extra mint leaves, kiwi slices, lime or lemon wedges!



Prepare your glass: Rub 1/2 the cut lime on the rim of 2, 250ml mason jars or glasses. Put coconut flakes in a small bowl and rim your glass, so it’s got that island vibe.

Juice the remaining 1/2 lime and reserve the pulp left over from juicing.

In a blender, blend the kiwi and lime, including the reserved pulp, plus 4 large ice cubes. Set aside.

Tear up the mint leaves and put in the bottom of your rimmed mason jar or glasses. With a muddler (or simply the heel of a wooden spoon), grind up the mint leaves at the bottom of your glasses ’til the aroma in the air is ‘minty fresh’!

Add a few ice chunks on top of the mint in each of the glasses. Pour the kiwi-lime mixture over top.

Divide the Pina Vida over top.

Top off the mixture with kombucha.

Be creative and garnish your drink with whatever toppings you please!

Stephani Fenkanyn is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, who is enthusiastically committed to making people feel good about their bodies and nutritional choices. When working in health care as an occupational therapist, she became more aware of the lack of prevention and over reliance on prescription medications. This is why she decided to pursue her passion of holistic health. Stephani enjoys guiding women in treatment of female and sexual health issues and hormonal health imbalances. You can connect with her on Instagram: @stephanifenk or on Facebook: facebook.com/stephanifenk

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