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R&R booster - Elxr juice lab

*Newsflash* Midday energy slumps and digestive upsets can be the result of stress! We’re welcoming a new booster to the ELXR fleet to help with just that! Introducing our new booster, R&R.

We don’t pick favourites, but this little booster has got lots going on to help you get rested and rejuvenated (R&R, get it!?).

Here’s the scoop: In order to digest our food effectively we cannot be in a stressed out and frenzied state. When we are stressed our bodies are not prioritizing digestion. This can be why after lunch many experience bloating and indigestion.

R&R booster - Elxr juice lab

We often scarf down lunch in a flash and then sit back down to work, never really relaxing. How can we digest our food properly if we are eating while stressed?

R&R is a smart n’ tasty way to shift out a stressful mindset and in to digestive smooth sailing! Imagine a tiny booster shot giving you the power to digest food better and ease that stress response, beating the post-meal bloat? For those with more intense digestive issues, R&R can even help soothe cramping and spasms.


All natural ingredients: Chamomile, lavender, aloe and pineapple.

These ingredients work together to calm the mind and the body, which are intimately intertwined.

Chamomile – A mild bitter, chamomile will help your body to produce digestive enzymes. Also, chamomile calms the nervous system, enabling better digestion by helping to flip the switch in to a calm state.

Lavender – Calming and anti-spasmodic, even the mild scent of lavender instantly calms.

Aloe – The poster child for digestive wellness, aloe is healing and anti-inflammatory, among its many other benefits.

Pineapple – More than just a delicious tropical juice, pineapple contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain that help break down protein. Because our juice is cold pressed, it will always contain those temperature sensitive enzymes!


Tip: Best enjoyed as an aperitif (before eating) to optimize effectiveness. May also be enjoyed between meals to calm the digestive system and mind, and assist in gut healing.



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