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cocktail cider hot toddy recipe, Recipe for the ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy

Chef Sous Chef – an incredible recipe creating and food photography duo in Toronto – have created this recipe for The ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy to warm your bones and add plenty of cheer to your tummies this season! Read on for this cocktail recipe that’s bound to become your favourite winter cocktail too! Brimming with ginger, vanilla and chaga, this cider has got some extra health benefits from rosemary, whose volatile fragrant oils help to open airways and can help with congestion. See? We are always thinking about your health! For more delicious recipes, check out (full bio below!).

Since we’ve introduced our ELXR House Cider, it’s been leading the pack at the store!  We are not surprised that so many of you are coming in to warm your hands and bellies with this lovely mixture of tart Granny Smith apple, lemon, chaga, vanilla and plenty of ginger, after all its health benefits are as impressive as its taste is delicious! Anyhow, because we are only human, within 5 minutes of its creation we mused: would this not be amazing with a splash of booze?

cocktail cider hot toddy recipe, Recipe for the ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy

Now, before you claim dismay, you must know that we are only human and we are in the business of making delicious bevvies, so doesn’t a good cocktail fit in with those specs? If we were honest about how many times we considered which of our juices would go well with which spirit, well…that’d be a whole other blog post! What do you think: would you like to see more juice cocktails? I guess if you’d like us to whip some up and share our recipes, it’d be a hard job but we’d pull through, because we love you that much. Also, it would give us a reason to get all the recipes we whip up with extra juices from the lab down on proverbial paper too! Consider us inspired! Now, for our newest favourite cocktail: The ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy.

cocktail cider hot toddy recipe, Recipe for the ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy

The ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy

This recipe tastes seriously special, we’re just going to come out and say loudly and proudly! Chef Sous Chef knows how to stir the pot and this recipe will bring cheer to a cozy duo, so scale it up if you’re whipping up a batch for a party! It’s mainly juice, so we say this is the perfect brunch accompaniment! If you’d prefer your Toddy booze-free, by all means omit and it will still be plenty delicious!


Yield – 2 Mugs

2 cups ELXR House Cider

3-4 oz your favourite rye, whiskey, or rum (We used Builliet Rye Whiskey)

½ lemon, juiced, + 2 slices for garnish

1 tbsp honey

1 star anise

1 cinnamon stick + a pinch for garnish

2 cloves  + 2 for garnish

1 rosemary sprig


In a saucepan, heat together ELXR Apple Cider, lemon, honey, star anise, cinnamon stick, and cloves.

Allow to come to a simmer then pull  from heat.

Remove the spices add your spirit and pour into two cups.

Garnish with rosemary sprig, a slice of lemon with cloves and a pinch of cinnamon.


Chef Sous Chef is a Canadian food blog based in Toronto, inspired by the daily dishes of Philip and Mystique, a recently married couple with a passion for cooking and most of all eating. Their intention is to share real food; unprocessed, pronounceable, good for you kind of food. They believe that when real ingredients are the only items on your grocery list there are no rules to eating. Real food, no rules. You can connect with Philip and Mystique on their blog and on Instagram.


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cocktail cider hot toddy recipe, Recipe for the ELXR House Cider Hot Toddy