#Self Care Moment with The Golden Trio: Sweat, Sleep & Sundays.

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Self Care Moment with The Golden Trio- Elxr

Jocelynne Flor is a plant-based food & healthy lifestyle blogger based in Toronto. She makes a healthy lifestyle approachable and accessible through simple nourishing recipes and whole-body wellness tips. Find her latest musings at www.jocelynneflor.com and on Instagram.

#SelfCareMoment // The Golden Trio: Sweat, Sleep & Sundays.

Self-care moments don’t need to be super luxurious, like going to the spa or having a bubble bath every night. Let’s be real: ain’t nobody got time for that! Here are three easy ways you can integrate a little self-care into your busy schedule:

SelfCareMoment- Elxr


It’s no secret that exercise makes you feel good and does wonders for your mental and physical health. No gym? No problem! A small space, an internet connection, and 15-30 minutes a day is all you need to get started. If you can find a video of a panda sneezing, you can definitely find a workout video that you’ll actually enjoy.

SelfCareMoment- Elxr


Sleep is inevitable, but getting enough sleep is easier said than done. Try unplugging at least one hour before bed. If you absolutely must scroll through your feed, turn down the brightness and download a filter app like f.lux to cancel out the blue light that is emitted from screens and disrupts normal sleep regulating hormones. 

Wind down the old-fashioned way: with a good book and a piping mug of tea. ELXR’s Chaga Fix makes for the perfect bedtime drink, warm or cold!

SelfCareMoment- Elxr


Still struggling with unplugging and hitting snooze? Sundays are made for relaxing…and pancakes. If you’re normally go-go-go during the week, take full advantage of sleeping in and making yourself a nice Instagram-worthy breakfast.


What’s your favourite #SelfCareMoment? Perhaps you meditate or, like us, cannot rest until we’ve made our to-do lists for the following day to appease our monkey brains! How do you stay productive and organized while still taking care of yourself? We’d love to hear your tips! Leave us a comment below!

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  • Chef Sous Chef
    Chef Sous Chef

    Great article. We’ve been following Jocelynne for a while now and love her approach to plant based eating with priority on wellness.

    • Katie

      Yes! Jocelynne is a pint-sized powerhouse! Her honesty is refreshing too!

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