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Kicking Off the Year of Self-CareKicking off the year with cleanses and immune boosters

2018 is the year of self-care, meaning learning to take care of your health – in a mental, physical, and emotional state – is a focus. Our mission for 2018 is to develop products and programs to support this.

What does cleanse month look like to us?

New Cleanses

Discover our 2 cleanses. 1 goal: Wipe the slate clean with energizing and easy-to-digest raw, organic juices, containing 3-5 lbs of fresh organic produce in every bottle.

cleanse no. 1: Weekend Warrior

You’re ready to dip your toe in, but perhaps not do a cannonball… yet! You want a reset to get digestion back on track. soothe bloating, indigestion and tummy troubles with this tasty and good-for-you crew. You may be new to the health scene or to cleansing, but it doesn’t mean you want it any less. Weekend warrior is here to answer the call.

What’s included: 7 8oz bottles selected by our in-house nutritionist + 2 boosters. Customizations available. Starting at $60/day.

Shop here.

cleanse no. 2: Deep Dive  

You need a cleanse that works overtime, just like you. you want your cleanse to go deep: boosting energy levels is just the tip of the iceberg. Decreased inflammation, improved liver and kidney function, glowing skin and improved cognition are just some of your goals. Whether this is your first rodeo or you’re a cleansing vet, you want to roll up your sleeves and know where to sign.

What’s included: 6 16oz bottles selected by our in-house nutritionist + 2 boosters. Customizations available. Starting at $65/day.

Shop here.

We deliver. Your cleanse can come right to your doorstep – free shipping included. For more information on delivery zones, visit here.

Cleanse- Elxr juice lab

Why cleanse? 

Our bodies have built-in detox mechanisms that are designed to keep us in tip top shape. so why cleanse? daily wear and tear, stress, pollution, fast food and fast living can bog down our toxin clean-up crew, leaving our detox systems overwhelmed and becoming less efficient over time. add in rampant soil depletion which is making our food sources less nutritious, and it’s no wonder we can feel run down and less than our shiniest, brightest selves.

Reap the Benefits

Here’s whats a sip away:

  • Improved skin health
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Digestive balance
  • Bountiful energy
  • No more bloating
  • Reduced inflammation + pain
  • Better circulation
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • Curbed cravings
  • Weight control
  • Clarity of thought
  • Optimized detoxification

We’re here for you

We’re always available to answer any questions.

Elxr juice lab- Oakville

If you’d like to chat  in-person, stop by for an in-store consultations with our cleanse-perts. We can talk all things from your cleanse concerns to how we can customize a cleanse that’s right for you. Here’s where to find us:

  • In-Store 

Yorkville Village, 55 Avenue Rd.
Campo Foodhall, 433 King St W.
Bayview Village, 2901 Bayview Ave.

With any questions offline, shoot over an email directly to our cleanse-perts (in-house certified nutritionist) and we’ll be able to help you.

  • Cleanse-pert’s inbox:

Happy cleansing!

elxr team

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