We’ve taken the guesswork out of juice cleansing. It’s never too late to make healthy choices and changes that stick are usually made slowly but surely. So, whether you’re new to juice cleansing or you’re looking to take your regimen to the next level, we’ve got you covered. All plant-based. All cold-pressed.
All the best of what we do here at ELXR.



This is where you start. An introduction to juice cleansing that meets you where you are. Whether you’re brand new or just getting back into it, this collection has everything you need to restore digestive balance, soothe bloating, balance your immune system, and improve your mental clarity. All on your terms.


This is the next level. You’ve been a juice cleanse pro for a while, you’re feeling great, and you’re wondering if there are even more benefits you can squeeze out of this practice. Well, here they are. This is detoxification on a deeper level. A supergroup of superfoods that decreases inflammation, improves liver and kidney function, restores your skin’s natural glow, and helps your brain exceed even its own expectations.


Bodies perform best when supported and it’s important we take a break from daily habits to refocus, energize, and revitalize. Juice cleansing has been shown to aid in alleviating:

• Fatigue   • Indegestion   • Eczema   • Brain Fog   • Food Cravings
• Bloating   • Constipation   • Chronic Illness   • Headaches   • Acne


I’ve never cleansed before. Which cleanse should I do?

The Reset

  • For those new to cleansing
  • For those looking for a digestive reset (reduce bloating, indigestion, heaviness Etc)
  • For those who like more fruity juices

Deep Dive

  • For those who may have cleansed before
  • For those who like heavier green juices
  • For those looking to address deeper issues like reducing inflammation and supporting liver health
  • For someone who loves her veggies!

How many days should I cleanse for?

A complete cleansing cycle is five days. Rome wasn’t built in a day right it takes time to get into cleansing mode, and then to go deep and reap the full rewards. Also, as our bodies begin to cleanse, some symptoms can arise (this means it’s working – keep going!), and a complete cycle ensures you get through this to the other side feeling amazing! If you’re pressed for time 1 to 3 days is great for a quick reset to jumpstart healthy habits!

How often should I cleanse?

Traditionally cleanses are undertaken during seasonal changes. That said, some fine cleansing easier in the summer when appetites me be lessened and preferences are light and bright. One cleansing and cooler months, warming our milks and enjoying cleansing herbal teas can feel wonderful, as well as exploring clean brands of broth [look for no sugar and low sodium, or try whisking up organic me so paste with a squeeze of lime and hot water!]. Consider your full five day reset a nourishing overhaul and shorter cleanses to be detail jobs, which can be done as a reset with greater frequency, if desired.

What if I’m taking medication, or have a health condition being monitored by a healthcare professional?

We’re not doctors, nor do we treat diseases. Please ask your healthcare team if you are concerned about how juice cleansing may affect you and your body.

What if I’m pregnant or breast-feeding?

Juice cleansing is not something we recommend to those who are pregnant and breast-feeding juice-enthusiast. If you have more questions about this, we suggest talking with your healthcare team.

How will I feel while cleansing?

Each individual will feel different while juice cleansing. Some have great energy levels and no symptoms at all! Symptoms for those who may experience them could range from slightly annoying to a bit more intrusive: headaches; fatigue; hunger; dizziness; worsening of existing symptoms; digestive disturbances.

The term “healthy crisis” in natural medicine refers to worsening of symptoms before they get better. for instance, if one is detoxifying, they could experience skinny Russians, even though they’re looking to detoxify to improve skin health: once the healing crisis has passed [typically by day four] symptoms can subside! As each person is different, every cleanse experience will be unique. We are here for you if you have any questions at all!

Can I make substitutions?

Absolutely! Our staff are training and cleansing and can make recommendations that will fit your cleanse best, or please feel free to email us with your queries. If your substitutions are based on allergies, we work in a facility that processes a variety of delicious items and we keep things spec and span, but are not able to guarantee that unintended cross Dash contamination does not occur.

Do we deliver? Is it free?

Within our network, delivery is free for orders over $60 before tax. To see if we deliver to you, please enter your postal code on our website!

How do I order?

Cleansers can be off third and ordered at one of our locations online or by email

Can I pick up my cleanse?

Yes you can! Cleanses are available for pick up at our locations, we just ask that you reference the opening times of our stores when planning your cleanse so we are open and ready for you when you’re ready to get your day started! Pick up is always free.

What are the ordering cut-off’s?

Our order cut off’s are as follows:

  • Order by Monday at 7 PM for Wednesday pick up or delivery;
  • Order by Wednesday at 7 PM for Friday pick up or delivery;
  • Order by Saturday at 7 PM for a Monday pick up or delivery

What is the maximum number of days that can be picked up at once?

The maximum number of days you should receive at once is three days worth of products. This is to ensure they are super fresh if you are cleansing for additional days, we can simply arrange for your classes to get you onto our next delivery day and as always, delivery is free of charge.

What order should I take the products in?

How all our cleansers come with a card inside which outlines the order to take the products in. If you forget your cleanse card at home, read more about your cleanse here, as the timing of the cleanse products are located on each of our cleanse pages.

What are the “sippers”?

Sippers are designed to have on hand so you’re never left without something to fuel up on! They are designed to help keep blood sugar level stable while cleansing so keep them handy and sip when needed.

Can I eat during my cleanse?

Lenses give the digestive system a break eating is not recommended for maximum benefits, but if you need something more than Nashawn, stick to whole plant-based Nosh foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, or seeds and chew them slowly for maximum enjoyment and nutrient extraction! 

Can I still have coffee on my cleanse?

Short answer is yes, but understanding that caffeine pushes the liver into detox mode and coffee specifically due to its liver loving bitterness, it can make a cleanse more intense for some i.e. more pronounced detox symptoms. For this reason, it is recommended to taper off coffee before your cleanse. Coffee can be particularly triggering due to its bitterness, so for a bus with lots of potential intensity enjoy black, green, white or match a tea for a few days! There are other herbal energizing options like peppermint and lemon grass so you can try out to but please hold back on the refined sugar and dairy. Unsweetened plant-based milks are great alternatives, and add a drop of maple or coconut sugar for a less refined choice.